Posted 2019-12-06

Camo Invitational Montreal 

Out standing performances from many swimmers including a club record in the 200 IM by Chris Biilmann 200 IM 2.08.75 the previous record held by Cameron Russell from 10 years age and at present coaching Age group and Competitive programs Our club won 48 medals in total with 2nd place 12 under  3rd place 14 under 2nd place 15 over.

Gold medals winners starting with 12 under swimmers Vanesa Xia age 12 Gold in 100 Butter fly and 800 free style, Roberto Mendoza age 12 gold in 50 free with a time in the top 10 in Canada. 

Mark Bloomberg age 15 winning Gold in 200 Butterfly, Kristina Steins winning gold in 100 and 200 Back stroke, Kurt Schubert winning gold in 50 free, Andrew Liu winning gold in 200 breast stroke 14 under Melissa Er age 13 winning gold in 400 IM, 800 free style,200 Butterfly with many outstanding personal best times Ashley Hodge Allan Lee, Aly El Shamy, George Poulos,

Other swimmers who won medals silver or Bronze Chris Biilmann, Mark Bloomberg, Pavel Vorona Paige Moore, Konrad Sands, Kurt Schubert, Jason Yang,

Finalists where as follows  Paige Moore, George Poulos, Konrad Sands, Kurt Schubert, Oscar Zhou,Tommy Wen, Vanessa Xia, Jason Yang,Andrew Liu, Roberto Mendoza, Kathleen Moore, Ashley Hodge, Allan Lee,Aly El Shamy, Melissa Er, Christopher Biilmann, Mark Bloomberg, Aviskha De Livera, Kristina Steins, Kylin Tan, Pavel Vorona 

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