More than just "swimming lessons"
Founded in 2005, the Dolphins swim team is a high-performance swimming program that has consistently produced national and international level swimmers. Besides the benefit of physical conditioning, our program fosters the personal discipline required to persevere; the confidence-building of progress in competition; the social growth from travel; learning to accept victory and loss with equal grace; and developing values from competing as both an individual and a team member.

The Dolphins Swim Team program strives to instill in young swimmers an understanding of, and appreciation for, such concepts as high self-esteem, personal accountability, constructive self-motivation, goal setting and goal achievement as these ideals relate to their success in training and in competition.

Kristina Steins sets 2 National Records and Qualifies for 2020 Olympics at 2019 Fina World Championships

31 July, 2019

Dolphins Swim Club Returns from Niagara Championships in US with 33 Medals and 3 Highest Point Winners

22 July, 2019

30 Dolphins Swimmers Qualify for Niagara LSC Championships 2019

19 July, 2019


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