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Posted 2019-04-26

Team Championships Ontario Team Championships Ontario, April 2019

Team Championships Ontario Aidan Lee Medals

We are very proud to announce that the top swimmer of the Ontario Team Championships was our very own Aidan Lee, with 8 gold medals and 5 club records for boys 10 and under short course (meters). The Orcas club placed third overall, and won first place in men's swimming. 

In total, Orcas Swimming won the following medals: 22 gold, 18 silver, and 13 bronze.

The Gold medal winners were as follows: Aidan Lee, Mark Bloomberg, Joanne Chiarotto, Aly El Shamy, Ashley Hodge, Oscar Zhou, George Poulos, and Sophia Lee. 

The Silver medal winners were: Mark Bloomberg, Joanne Chiarotto, Aly El Shamy, Melissa Er, Ashley Hodge, Allan Lee, Oscar Zhou, Jialing Xu, Kathleen Moore, Sophia Lee, Andrew Liu.

The Bronze medal winners were: Ethan Chen, Joanne Chiarotto, Aly El Shamy, Yassin El Shamy, Melissa Er, Ashley Hodge, Mark Bloomberg.

Swimmers who made finals: Merrick Wang, Tommy Wein, Vanessa Xia, Paige Moore, Martin Naipaul, Marysa Lin, Noah Chang, Rosalie Er, Daniel Jiang, Ryan Si, Braden Rajotte,

Relay Golds:
10 & under boys:  Braden -Adian -Yassin- Ethan
12 & under boys Noah - George- Merrick- Oscar.

Club records: Aidan Lee, Ashley Hodge

Congratulations on your great work everyone!

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