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Remember this section of the Training program is for you home team the Personal trainer will work with any program that has personal contracts with. Each season’s meet schedule is distributed via the newsletter at the beginning of the season. Most of our competition will be in the USA. Some in Europe.

The meet schedule has been established with the expectation that swimmers will attend every meet available in their classification level. In other words a swimmer with ‘A’ times participate in all "B" level meets, a swimmer with “B" times in all "C" meet. Scheduled competitions are important to all swimmers.

On an average we want all team members to compete once every three or four weeks.

As a general rule we will not permit any swimmer to compete in a competition on two successive weekends (except in championship meets). In a situation where there is an "A-B" meet one weekend and a ‘B’-‘C’ meet the following weekend, a swimmer with ‘B’ times must choose one or the other, This policy holds true for all levels of competition.

Team effort for competitions - Team challenging meets are indicated on the meet schedule. Since we place the most emphasis on these meets, swimmers who have qualified to swim in least two (2) events should attend these meets and contribute to the total team effort. There will be competitions that limit the number of entries, on these occasions the teams will be selected by the


Whenever and wherever a swimmer wears any item of The team uniform, he/she should remember that his/her actions and words reflect on the team he/she represents, and behave accordingly, Let your actions reflect the pride you have in The Dolphins Team or what every organization you may compete for.

As a matter of pride, leave the rest area and the pool area, including the spectator’s gallery, in a neat and clean condition at the conclusion of each session of the meet.

With regard to which events a swimmer competes in, the coaching staff will have the final word. The Dolphins team members should never scratch or late-enter an event without first consulting one of the coaches.

In a meet with preliminaries and finals, it is expected that any swimmer qualifying to swim in the finals will do so.

Swimmers are expected to offer encouragement and support for all members of the team. Positive comments and team spirit are beneficial to everybody. Negative thoughts and comments should be kept to yourself as it affects everyone present.



The Dolphins Swim Team engage in a multi-level competition program with all type of competition. Swimming that, like our training program, attempts to provide challenging, yet success oriented competitive situations for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

We emphasize competition with oneself not through winning ribbons, medals or trophies; this is not our main objective. We believe that a personal best performance far out weighs any monetary gain for a win. If the swimmer finishes first but has swum poorly in comparison to his or own past performances, he is encouraged to do better. The individual’s improvement is our primary objective.

Sportsmanlike behavior is of equal importance to improved performances. There needs to be respect for all officials and other competitors. Swimmers and parents need to encourage, congratulate and empathize with their teammates. Determined efforts and mature attitudes are examples of behavior praised and rewarded by the Dolphins Swim Team.

Swimmers are praised for improving their stroke or time. It is the coaches’ job to offer constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance. It is the parent’s responsibilities to provide love and encouragement that bolsters the swimmers confidence along the way. Please recognize this fact and help the coaches by being supportive parents.


Warm-ups are always conducted by members of the Dolphins Swim Team Coaching staff. Team members are required to warn-up with their team. It is important that swimmers and parents alike understand that a good warm-up is an essential part of successful performances. Please keep in mind that diving is not allowed during the warm-up period until designated lanes are open for sprints, then diving is only allowed in the sprint lanes. All swimmers must jump or slip into the swimming pool unless otherwise directed.

It is customary for the Dolphins Swim Team to behave according to the DST’s code of conduct at meets and to designate a team area at meets, this helps promotes team unity and solidifies team spirit.

All swimmers are required to have the team swim suit and team swim cap (if worn) in all competitions. All other team apparel is optional. However, wearing the complete team uniform promotes team unity and pride and greatly aides in spectator recognition.

Each swimmer is responsible for knowing which events he/she will be swimming and be present and prepared to swim their races on time. It is customary to write a swimmers event numbers, heat and lane assignment in ball point pen on the back of the hand for easy reference.

Before a swimmer reports to the blocks he/she should confer with a member of the coaching staff to receive a race strategy and goal report on how to swim their race effectively.

At the conclusion of each race each swimmer should ask the lane timers for his/her unofficial time. Upon receiving this time the swimmer is asked to come immediately to the coaching staff present at the time . This gives the coaches an opportunity to discuss the race with the swimmer and add positive comments concerning splits, stroke technique race strategy etc. If a warm down area is available, the swimmer is to warm down first then report directly to the coaches.

Between races, swimmers are asked to rest and stay warm. All energy is to be reserved and used in competition. If swimmers must eat during the competition, a light snack, such as fruit is recommended. Shoes should be worn at all times in situations when the air is cool. Hats and sweats are also recommended.

When official results are posted, note your official time to the 1/100th of a second and record these in your logbook. You will need these records for entry in future events, as well as for setting goals.

Is very important that parents check with the coaching staff prior to leaving the swim meet making certain that their child has completed their competition.

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