International Swim Meet

Posted 2018-11-10

                                                                                                                        International Swim Meet  Etobicoke 

                                                                                                                                                               NOVEMBER 10-13TH 2018

Out standing performances from all swimmers with many personal best times at this short course Championship swimming where 25 teams from Canada and USA competed.

                            Highlights for the Team are as follows

                                                                                                             High point winner 10 under boys 

  •                                                                     Aidan Lee age 9 years of age  wins 10 under high point with 
  •                                                                     6 Gold 2 Silvers Medals and top 10 under boy 
  •                                                                                                 Sophia Lee age 12  with 3 Golds and 6 Silvers  
  •                                                                     Bettering 4 Club records in short course meters, and ranking number 1 in Canada in 2 events swimming the fastest time
  •                                                                     in the 0 free style and 100 free style.
  •                                                                     Ashley Hodge 14 years of age new club record in girls 50 fly also winning Silver and Bronze Medals
  •                                                                     George Poulos age 16 years of age better 200 free club record. 
  •                                                                     Kristina Steins senior posted personal best times in 50 free style and 100 free style winning 1 Gold and 3 Silver medals 
  •                                                                     Joanne Chiarotto age 17 winning 1 Gold 2 Silver personal best time in 50 Fly
  •                                                                     Pavel Vorona age 12 wins 2 bronze medals with all personal best times in 10 events 
  •                                                                     Allan Lee age 15 bronze Medal 

  •                                                                                                         OTHER SWIMMERS WHO SWAM IN FINALS 
  •                                                                     George Poulos, Merick Wang, Tommy Wein, Jialliang Xu, Oscar Zhou, Mark Blomberg, Ethen Chen, Aly El Shamy, Melissa Er, Andrew Liu, Louis Low, Paige Moore, 

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